Breaking the cycle of poverty

Montessori Preschools and Family Development Program


In 2017 Sashi Stephen, CEO of Women's Development Centre Kandy, introduced us to one of their women forums in the Nuwara Eliya District: the Hanguranketha Child & Women Care Foundation.

One of their remote villages in the area was in great need of a preschool building. The villages are located high up in very remote areas. Without a local Montessori, the children wouldn't have access to preschool education. Unfortunately, the attempt of the villagers to build a preschool six years before, had failed due to lack of money for the material. With a large donation from Switzerland all the material for the construction could be bought and the villagers were able to build their new community building/preschool in Shramadana.

Since then, Stiftung Silvia's Kinderhilfe was able to finance the material for the construction of a second new preschool building and the extensive renovation of a third preschool in the area.

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The opening ceremony of the building in 2018

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In addition we started to support vulnerable families with single mothers, adopting the same system as the program Downsouth.

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