Breaking the cycle of poverty

Scholarships for School Children and Students


This project is supporting the education of children and youth raised by single mothers with a low-income background.

It will help to build educated humans for the society and will be helpful for their future financial independence and political decision making.

Simply Unique-Lanka provides monthly financial help according to the Grade of the child/youth till the end of their school education. These scholarship donations are used for extra classes, purchasing stationery, spending on transport, and other needs.

For those who are accepted to continue their studies, Simply Unique-Lanka  provides monthly financial help during University and Higher Education for these underprivileged students. The scholarship donations are used to finance the students needs such as books, exam fees, hostel cost, internet access etc.

Also, we are guiding and counseling them to build humans with good values.

Two of our Scholarship recipients are wishing you a


With unemployment on the rise, families faced increasing difficulties. Special projects were carried out to ensure the safety and well being of families who required assistance, during the 2021 island wide lock down.

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June 2021: The launch of the "Simply Smart" Program, to equip school students in our Family Development Program with smartphones and our University Scholarship students with laptops.

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