Breaking the cycle of poverty


Franziska Reid-Bovisi

  • Director and Chairperson Simply Unique-Lanka
  • President of Stiftung Silvias Kinderhilfe, Switzerland

Franziska has left her work as a health professional ten years ago and has been dedicating all her time and energy to uplift vulnerable children and single mothers in Sri Lanka ever since.
As a mother of two grown-up daughters, she is passionate about improving the life prospects of girls and women.
She lives with her family in Switzerland and is the president of Stiftung Silvia's Kinderhilfe, a charitable organisation founded in 1991.

P. B. Saman Kumara, Downsouth

  • Director of Simply Unique-Lanka
  • Country Manager

Saman Kumara has an IT background and has worked in the field for 19 years. He carries a wealth of social justice experience and entrepreneurship. Saman has implemented and developed BPO units, providing secure career opportunities to underprivileged youth groups. Saman is the Country Manager of Simply Unique Lanka

Kenneth S. de Silva, Kandy

  • Director of Simply Unique-Lanka
  • Liaison Women Forum  and Family Development Program, Hanguranketha

Franziska Reid-Bovisi

Franziska Reid-Bovisi

P.B. Saman Kumara

Kenneth S. de Silva