Breaking the cycle of poverty

NEWS 2022

The families need help, therefore we introduced the Family Support Program

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the situation for low-income families, especially mother-headed households, became increasingly worse. During the first curfew 2020, we distributed rice, lentils, powdered milk, etc. to our supported families. At each new lockdown, we transferred additional money to the families so that they could stock up on the most necessary basic dry rations.

Now, 2022, we have Sri Lanka's worst economic crisis since the independence from Britain in 1948. People are suffering from a shortage of food, fuel and medicines, power cuts and an huge inflation.

In addition to the monthly scholarships, we are distributing money to buy food for our supported families. 

2021 we celebrated a 30 year long commitment for disadvantaged children, youth and single mothers in Sri Lanka

Simply Unique-Lanka is  the new legal form of the Swiss Foundation Silvia’s Kinderhilfe in Sri Lanka, a charity organisation that was started in Hikkaduwa in 1991.

The foundation was running a registered orphanage for 24 years, financed and sponsored by private Swiss citizens (community-based fundraising).